How to choose a awesome eyelash extension specialist.

Decisions.... Decisions... what are we to do?
So you have wanted to get eyelash extensions done, but you don't know who to go to and possibly build this lash relationship.  Well here are a few things that could help you out a bit:
1) Communication- If possible, speak to her over the phone you can pretty much gauge from a conversation whether someone knows what they are talking about.  Listen to how they communicate with you and if they sound frustrated when questions asked then maybe that is not the person for you.  IF over the phone isn't an option due to work hours try to shoot an text message if permitted.
2) Cleanliness- the location that the service provided should be clean and free of any clutter.  Tools should be clean and sterilized and placed in a dry area where they are protected from dust and any other flying particles.
3) Face 2 Face- You should feel greeted with a friendly smile because no one wants to feel like a number.  Although talking should be limited during the process, you want to know that you can relax.  Most people are unaware they move quite a bit when speaking, so it is best to stay still PLUS you get to enjoy a FREE nap lol.
4) THEY MUST BE CERTIFIED, and preferably show the proof on their certifying company's website (if that is an option) and it should be in the business location.... Side Note: Since I am also a licensed cosmetologist you will also see that license :)